We'll pick up and pay you for it.

Book a pickup for your home, business or school

Get 100% Clean Recycling with our 10¢ bottle and can Pickup Service. Sign up for an account, book a pickup and get paid to recycle while you put your feet up.

Whether you’re a household, business, restaurant, school, sports club, church, or a community group, we can pick up from you.

How it works

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1. Sign up

Create an account for your business, school or residence. Update your pickup postcode in your Account Details to enable booking.

2. Collect containers

Fill your own durable bags or cardboard boxes with 10¢ refundable bottles and cans, or use our Orange bags.

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3. Book a pickup

When you’ve got roughly 250 containers (that’s 5 Orange bags) or more, sign into your account to book a pickup.

4. Collection day

Put your bags or boxes in a safe and accessible place for us to collect between 8am–4pm on collection day, or have them ready to hand over to us.

5. Container count

We’ll label and scan your bags and boxes, and take them to our Depot to be counted. If you give us any Orange bags, we’ll provide replacement bags.


6. Get paid

Your refunds will be directly deposited into your account.

What’s the pricing?

Get paid to recycle

For every 10¢ refundable container, we deduct a fee of 3¢ per container to provide you with the best service possible. That means you’ll receive 7¢ per container.

For example, from a collection of 500 eligible containers, you’ll earn $35. Our Pickup Service is ideal for households and businesses that are pressed for time and have volumes ranging from 250 – 5,000 containers per pickup.


Where do we pick up from?

Check your home, business or school location

Our Pickup Service is available across Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Click your state below to find your suburb, and update the postcode in your Account Details to make a booking.

If we’re not there yet, sign up to get notified as we keep expanding.

What can I recycle?

Check for a 10¢ refund symbol

Bottles and cans with a 10¢ refund symbol can be recycled. They need to be liquid-free, uncrushed and with its barcode intact. Wine and spirits aren’t part of the scheme, except in Queensland.

What are Envirobank Orange Bags?

The easiest way to collect bottles and cans

Our iconic Orange Bags are reusable and biodegradable (just keep them out of the sun). We’ll replace them each time we pick up. If you don’t have Orange Bags, you can use your own cardboard boxes or bags for collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I book a pickup for my suburb?
Check our NSW and QLD service areas. If your suburb is there, log in to your account and update the postcode in your Account Details to make a booking. Some postcode areas aren’t included yet, but we’re continually expanding our coverage. Make sure to sign up and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when new postcode areas are added. Everyone is welcome to sign up and join our waitlist.

How many containers do I need to book a pickup?
You’ll need roughly 250 containers. If you’re using our Orange bags, that’s 5 bags worth. Don’t worry too much about hand counting your containers to meet the exact minimum – make a booking and we’ll do the counting for you.

Do I have to use Orange bags?
No, you can use your own bags or cardboard boxes (just ensure they don’t break). If you prefer our Orange bags, you only need to pay for them once, and we’ll replace them with an equal number during each pickup.

Where should I put my containers on collection day?
Place your bags and boxes of containers in a secure, accessible location. Ensure there are no obstacles like dogs, locked gates, or stairs, and provide clear instructions on how to find them in your booking notes. If you’re using cardboard boxes, avoid leaving them in the rain or damp areas on collection day.

Do I need to meet the pickup driver?
No, our Pickup Service can be contactless. However, if you don’t have a safe place to leave your containers on collection day, make sure you’re available at the collection address between 8am–4pm and leave a note in your booking to “call [04xx xxx xxx] on arrival” so you can hand them to us directly. Unfortunately we’re not able to guarantee a specific time of arrival.

How do I get paid?
We’ll deposit your payment into your account.

How can I get the full 10¢ refund?
If you prefer to receive the full 10¢ refund, we recommend visiting one of our drop-off locations, such as our community Depots, which are always staffed.