Recycling for schools.

Raise 10¢ per eligible container for your school

Educational, inspirational and profitable – recycling through container deposit schemes is a great way to raise funds for your school, and get your students participating in the circular economy.

If you’re a teacher, student or on the P&C, we can help your school fundraise for playground equipment, educational resources and extra-curricular programs through recycling. Everyone (whether we like it or not) produces waste. Why not collect together and raise funds for a common goal? Make the most of your state’s Container Deposit Scheme, and get people associating your school with sustainability.

How do I book a pickup for my school?

Phone 200px

Sign up for an account

Go to your Account Details and make sure the pickup postcode is right. SRC members can always make a separate Commercial Account for their school.

Enviro bag symbol

Get collecting

Collect your 10¢ drink containers in durable bags or cardboard boxes. We recommend buying our Orange bag Starter Kit and using a can ring to secure bags.

Phone Book

Book a pickup

Once you have between 250 – 5,000 containers, select your preferred collection date and follow the prompts. We’ll confirm your booking via email. You’ll also receive a reminder email before collection day.

Leave it to us

Leave your containers in a safe and accessible place on collection day. We’ll swing by to pick up. Once we’ve counted your containers, we’ll pay your refunds into your account.

Book a pickup for your school and get paid to recycle while you put your feet up.